Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to Integration of the print Client into other thin clients

My work place has given me a HP Thin Client to use as a terminal to VPN into our workplace network. I hate to carry this around which i a bulky equipment and takes up space in my small house. So I decided to convert it to a virtual disk.

In its "IT-education" pavilion Unicomp presented the most advanced types of the computer classrooms-HP Mobile Classroom and Thin Client solutions, which have many advantages when compared with average computer classrooms.

The HP Compaq t5530 and HP Compaq t5135 thin clients are already available in USA and will soon be available worldwide. For HPs market leading t5720 customers can use the Windows XP Pro print client. Integration of the print Client into other thin clients by HP is in preparation.

Travis Brown, Product Manager for HP’s Thin Client Solution quickly points out that despite the minor cost advantages, there are trade-offs between thin and fat-clients (desktop PCs). In a fat-client network, software runs locally. Individual users have different levels of control and freedom.
I don't know if converting that machine into a guest will fit into the security policy of your company too. To make that thing work, one should know at least, which Thin Client (HP Type) this is there are several kind of (Windows CE, Windows XP embedded, also Linux).

HP Thin Client saves money, when widely used, as no Hard Disc is required, resulting in lower price and lesser power consumption.
It probably wont fit into the whole security thing, but I still wanted to try. The exact model is HP compaq t5520 CE.

Server based computing makes sense if you plan to replace older terminals, or for workers using intranet applications or legacy ERP and groupware. In these scenarios, thin-clients deliver everything users need, but cost much less to deploy and manage than PCs.

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