Friday, May 8, 2009

How to The terminal is suitable for Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP

The Wyse Winterm is a simple terminal for users who do not fully local personal computer need. Because the Winterm has no storage, all terminal settings saved on the server, so that full control of the desktop is possible. The terminal is suitable for Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP.

Wyse Winterm is a self-contained, terminal-emulation hardware appliance that provides, over the LAN or via remote terminal, access to Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Services. In addition, it can also serve as a virtual terminal for many other environments (3270, 5250 and so on) or can be used as an Internet access appliance in kiosk mode.

WYSE Winterm 3350SE is a hardware based terminal. It has built in Microsoft Windows operating system support, has its own processor at 200 mhz. t is actually a terminal capable to do almost anything between two computers, no matter which version of OS they are using.

Every high-quality Wyse Winterm you order is protected with careful packing, including double-walled boxes. Our shipping department is experienced and proficient at importing and exporting Wyse Winterms anywhere in the world. All shipping options - including international - are available through major carriers.

Each remanufactured Wyse Winterm you buy is backed by an unprecedented three year warranty. New Wyse Winterms include the manufacturer's warranties.

In preparation for remanufacture, each Wyse Winterm is assigned a VSN (Vecmar Serial Number). It is used to collect and analyze data at every step in the lifecycle of each Wyse Winterm. This means you're guaranteed the best Wyse Winterm service - today and in the future.

The Wyse Winterms we remanufacture for you are selected from qualified sources with many models to choose from. Comprehensive measures are taken to ensure that each remanufactured Wyse Winterm meets the highest standards. Vecmar's skilled, Wyse-certified technicians upgrade each Wyse Winterm to guarantee proper operation and full compatibility with newer systems.

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