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How to Multi-Personality Display Wyse Terminals

The WY-150/WY-120 and WY-150ES/WY-120ES multi-personality display terminals are designed to work with the widest range of computers and applications, and set an ergonomic standard for the industry. Its repertoire of personalities, unparalleled ergonomics, and low emissions on the ES model make the WY-150 the top model of its class.

A computer terminal is an electronic or electromechanical computer hardware device that is used for entering data into, and displaying data from, a computer or a computing system.

Unlike traditional host-specific terminals, the WY-150/WY-120 and WY-150ES/WY-120ES work in a broad spectrum of environments. The WY-50 mode, offering superior compatibility with the most popular ASCII terminal, is only one of its ten operating modes. ASCII, ANSI (such as VT220), and PC Term personalities handle traditional minicomputer and mainframe environments as well as super multiuser microprocessors.

The WY-150/WY-120 and WY-150ES/WY-120ES deliver state-of-the-art integration with three display modes, including positive mode for black characters on a true paper-white background. Wyse uses a high-quality, extra-fast 78 Hz refresh rate to virtually eliminate screen flicker, then adds borderless full-screen video against a white bezel for further viewing comfort.

The Wyse 55 terminals is ready to work the instant it is turned on. If a computer is being used as a terminal several things happen before it can be used for clerking. First, the computer must go through its warm up before it displays a Windows screen or a C: prompt.

World-class ergonomics, safety, display integration, and a broad range of personalities provide the style and performance for which Wyse terminals are known.
The MAXA 5-user system requires a terminal splitter. The splitter attaches to a single serial port on the host computer (Com1 (3F8/IRQ4) or Com2 (2F8/IRQ3)). Up to 4 terminals can be attached to the terminal splitter.

The cable is configured to provide a null modem connection between the host computer and the terminal. Cable lengths of up to 200 feet are available and can be purchased from JBS Software.

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