Friday, May 15, 2009

How to The Wyse line of Thin Clients?

Lenovo and Wyse Technology announced a new agreement that extends Lenovo's PC portfolio with Wyse thin client technology. The agreement offers Lenovo customers around the world access to a wide selection of thin clients, including management and multimedia software that complements Lenovo's notebooks and desktop PCs.

The Wyse line of thin and now zero clients have led the industry for eleven years running. When integrated with additional hardware, software, and services they become part of a complete solution to a business problem.

Enterprise users have increasingly turned to thin clients for desktop virtualization technology to centralize applications at the server level, and better manage and maintain IT resources and data. According IDC, a leading market research firm, thin client solutions are expected to increase 25 percent annually to reach 8.5 million units worldwide shipped in 2011.

This white paper has reviewed some of the considerations for a large-scale thin client deployment program and discussed how to design and manage a thin client computing infrastructure with Wyse Device Manager, WDM.

Wyse is introducing the company's latest-and-greatest for VMworld at San Francisco. The line-up includes the company's new fastest desktop thin client, two full-power thin notebooks, and new multimedia software for virtual desktop environments.

The Wyse VxxL mid-range series Thin Client delivers enhanced performance, dual-video support (with purchase of optional monitor splitter cable); a CardBus/PCMCIA slot; plus serial, parallel, and USB ports. The Wyse VxxL series thin client can fit easily into most work environments.

The new Wyse V class LE Thin Client is a device for virtual desktop environments using VMware VDI, Citrix or Microsoft. The client is Wyse's speediest offering, powered by a VIA Eden C7 processor running at 1.2GHz. t uses only 13 watts of power, has no fan, and is therefore silent.

As a portable alternative, Wyse is releasing the X90e and X90 Thin Notebooks. The laptop has no local HDD, which eliminates the safety concern if it is lost, broken or stolen. Both models match the desktop device CPU speed with a VIA c7-M ULV running at 1.2GHz, and weighs in at only 3.8 pounds.

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