Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Windows Thin Client Device - Remote Terminal Server

With over 20 years in the thin client and legacy terminal market, CLI has the experience and expertise it takes to make exceptional thin client terminals. CLI is continuing our leadership with server based computing and desktop virtualization along with partners such as vmware, Microsoft, IBM, Provision Networks and Citrix.

The Windows Thin Client device is a remote terminal that hosts client-side connections to a remote Terminal Server.

This is software that enables the thin client to access Windows-based applications on the Terminal Server. This software is derived from the Microsoft Terminal Services Client (MSTSC) found on Windows-based desktop systems.

With RDP and optional third-party emulators and presentation protocols you can create two-way communication between a Terminal Server and its related clients. Or, you can develop your own emulator or presentation protocol software for use with Windows-based Terminals.

One popular use of Windows Terminal Server is running, say a centralized Windows accounting program, and using WTS to serve up decent performance at remote offices. This avoids having to start over with a new Unix based or Client Server accounting program when a business opens new branches.

A far more comprehensive solution to this problem is Tarantella which can support Windows NT, Unix, Linux and S390 Mainframe servers and serve their applications to any client that supports a Java enabled Web browser. that includs just about everything from PCs to cell phones. Tarantella can also cost less than WTS/Citrix.

The RDP feature allows a thin client to execute Windows applications within a Windows graphical user interface (GUI) environment, even though they are actually being executed on the server. For information about the RDP modules and components, see Remote Desktop Protocol Overview.

I wrote a guide you may be interested in reading: Wyse Winterm

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