Sunday, May 31, 2009

The HP Compaq t5520 Thin Client

The HP Compaq t5520 Thin Client with Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 delivers a great desktop experience for task-oriented workers using general office applications or your specific line of business software. his reliable client takes you to the next level of thin client computing with expanded options and preloaded software to help you do more.

Ideal for call centers, medical environments, financial services and other environments where access to centralized applications and a desktop-like experience is required, the t5700 brings industry-leading desktop features and performance to the thin client environment.

Citrix MetaFrame delivers a comprehensive server-based solution to the enterprise by extending Windows Terminal Server with additional client and server functionality - including support for heterogeneous computing environments, enterprise-scale management and seamless desktop integration.

This unit is the ideal choice for businesses featuring the AMD Geode NX processor. With a small, attractive chassis that can be set either vertically or horizontally, this client is at home on the desktop or mounted conveniently on the wall or under a desk.

HP Compaq business note book is a really product for future. Because it has platform technology, comming from intel company. I can not think about this product, as a note book or multimedia device.

A thin client Windows-based terminal only processes keyboard input and screen output, leaving all application processing and storage to the server. HP thin client solutions can allow companies to dramatically lower the costs associated with their client/server infrastructure.

Unlike a traditional PC with high-speed processors and data storage, these terminals are optimized to act solely as "windows" to the server where users' applications and data reside. Instead of applications running on individual PCs, all applications are run from a single server, greatly simplifying the administration and support needed to run an IT department.

I wrote a guide you may be interested in reading: Wyse Terminal

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in the vanguard said...

I'd like to configure a thin client to serve
as my "Skype terminal", where about the
only thing I'm interested in is surfing the
internet and making video-conferencing
over-the-internet telephone call via

Skype says the minimum cpu speed should
be 1.8 GHz.

Can you steer me in the right direction, my

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