Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thin Client Software Upgrades are Performed on the Server

A thin client is not a skinny computer. Thin client computers are client computers or client software within client server networks and they depend on the central server for all processing activities.

Diskless nodes (or computers acting as such) are sometimes known as network computers or hybrid clients. Hybrid client may either just mean diskless node, or it may be used in a more particular sense to mean a diskless node which runs some, but not all, applications remotely, as in the thin client computing architecture.

Wonderware Thin Client Computers are a cost-effective solution for client/server architectures with InTouch Terminal Services. They are compact, lightweight, robust and are available as an ACP ThinManager-ready client or as a Microsoft-based thin client.

Thin client software upgrades are performed on the server, resulting in greater protection from viruses, and tighter desktop control.

This software enables users to install the InTouch HMI on a central server once, and then execute the software multiple times. Client computers need only connect to an InTouch terminal session that resides on the server.

In addition, the Wonderware Thin Client Computer is compatible with ThinManager software from Automation Control Products (ACP), which provides centralized configuration and management of the thin-client network. The Thin Client Computer can be delivered with Microsoft Windows CE operating system pre-installed.

With thin client computing, an IT manager can continue providing end-users with access to such applications. But rather than deploy a personal computer on every desktop, the IT manager deploys a thin client device.

It's not a new computing idea, but thin clients are gaining greater interest and popularity in business settings of all sizes.

Grounded in a traditional server-based computing model, thin client terminals work by simply providing users with a connection to applications and data hosted on a server. The benefits of shifting the deployment, management, support and execution of applications from a desktop to central server farms are easier administration and lower TCO over the long haul.

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